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Two things that can freak some people out more than any other are snakes and worms.  The Brahminy Blind Snake has the dual misfortune of being a snake and looking like a worm.  The Brahminy Blind Snakes look somewhat like an earthworm.  The adult is shiny and dark brown to grayish black in color with a somewhat lighter lower surface. But, if you look carefully you will see that earthworms are segmented with rings around their body and the Brahminy Blind Snake is not segmented and have a smooth slick body.

The Brahminy Blind Snake originally lived in Southeastern Asia.  With expansion of worldwide markets, sellers of greenhouse materials have carried this snake to other tropical and subtropical parts of the world, including Florida and Hawaii.  It was once a myth that there are no snakes in Hawaii.  Perhaps this was true in the past, but not since the Brahminy Blind Snake was introduced to these islands somewhere in the 1980's. In Florida this snake is found from the Florida Keys north to Lake Okeechobee, which includes all of Southwest Florida.  They are also found in St. Petersburg and around Gainesville.

Adult Brahminy Blind Snakes are small and thin, averaging between 2 to 6 1/2 inches in length.  The head and tail-tip look much the same, with no narrowing of the neck.  The tiny eyes are covered with translucent scales, rendering these snakes almost entirely blind.  They cannot form images, but are still capable of registering light intensity.  This tropical/subtropical snake lives outside in the soil, plant litter, and rotting woody materials in areas that are warm enough to support it.  Here in Southwest Florida this snake can be found in garden, flower beds, potted plants, and out in the lawn under the thatch built up by years of mowing.  This
snake feeds on the eggs, larva, and pupae of ants and termites in the areas where they live. Another interesting fact about the Brahminy Blind Snake it can lay eggs or can bear their young alive.  All of these snakes are female and reproduce unisexally.  One Brahminy Blind Snake introduced into your area can then infest your lawn and flower beds within a short period of time.

Because the Brahminy Blind Snake is not an insect pest, they should not be treated with insecticide.  The most effective way to rid the home of Brahminy Blind Snakes is to just pick them up and remove them from the home.  If left alone inside a home, they cannot survive for long.  These snakes must live in soil and are found many times living in interior potted plants.  If this becomes a recurring problem the homeowner may wish to move any interior potted plants along with their soil outside.  By moving their home, you remove the snakes.

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